På Örsesund 2008-07-28

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Det kommer ett stort skepp mellan Ven och Danmark

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Det visar sig vara världens näst största segelfartyg, Amerigo Vespucci från Livorna Italen


STS Amerigo Vespucci belongs to the Italian Navy. She was launched on 22nd February 1931 and commissioned in June, same year.
The ship was built to resemble a wooden warship of the early nineteenth century (and, because of this, the two white stripes on black hull recall the two lines of guns): nevertheless, the hull is made of steel riveted plates, as well as the two lowest thirds and the three lowest yards of each mast.
Amerigo Vespucci was the second ship of a class of two: the first one, Cristoforo Colombo, was surrendered to the Soviet Union after World War II,
as war damages compensation.

Amerigo Vespucci is a full square rigged ship; she usually carries 24 sails made of canvas (2 to 4 mm.) for a total surface of 2.600 square meters.
The overall length is 101 meters (70 meters on waterline), the main-mast is 54 meters tall above the sea level, the maximum draught is 7,30 meters,
the displacement is 4.100 tons. She is fitted with an auxiliary engine - an electric motor driven by two diesel-generators, which together produce about 1471 kW (2000 hp) , single propeller - which allows a maximum speed of 10 knots; she also carries 11 boats, four of which fitted with sails and oars, used by cadets as part of their seamanship training.

The permanent crew is 270, plus up to 150 cadets.
Amerigo Vespucci carries out mainly two kinds of activity: training campaigns for Naval Academy cadets and showing-the-flag in support of national diplomacy. She began her career as Training Ship for the Naval Academy cadets soon after the launch. From 1931 till 2005, in addition to many short cruises around Italy, she has carried out 71 training campaigns in the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Europe and Atlantic Ocean; in 2002/2003 she sailed around the world, spending several months in New Zealand on the occasion of America's Cup. On board, the cadets learn the basic rules "to live at sea", as well as all the specific teachings in seamanship, navigation, operation of drive systems and auxiliaries, management of logistics, administrative and medical issues.

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I New Yorks hamn

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I Genua


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På Öresund

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Sakta glider Amerigo Vespucci norr ut i Öresund, förbi Kronborg och Helsingborg

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Ännu ett segelfartyg dyker upp, nu mellan Råå och Ven

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Det är skonaren Ide Min från Holland, cirka 40 meter lång

De Nijs en De Jong Charters offers a great variety of voyages aboard the sailing schooner IDE MIN.
The IDE MIN has been fully restored and now sails the Baltic waters covering thousands of miles every year.

Our passengers vary in age from 6 - 80, wether you are young or old, you are welcome to participate in sailing this fine vessel, or just relax and enjoy the ambiance and excitement of life aboard.

Previous sailing experience is not required, our voyages are learning experiences for those who are interested in seamanship. Skills that can be required range from steering, sail handling, navigation, mapreading to weather evaluation.

IDE MIN has been build utilising stringent maritime safety standards. With her modern equipment and professional crew you can be asured of a safe fun filled adventure during your time aboard.

During the mainseason passengers board the ship in Kiel where our voyages start and end.
They vary from weekend tours, five day trips, to one or two week passages.

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Hon gör cirka 5 knop i den svaga vinden

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En lyxkryssare, Marco Polo, av äldre datum passerar:

Rederi: Orient Lines
Byggd: 1965 i Wismar, Tyskland
Tidigare namn: Aleksandr Pushkin
Tonnage: 20 502 bruttoton
Längd: 176,3 m
Bredd: 23,6 m
Djupgående: 8,2 m
Maskinstyrka: ca 20 000 hkr
Fart: ca 20 knop
Passagerare: 848 (två per hytt)
Besättning: ca 350

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